1KG Chocolate Bar



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1KG Chocolate Bar

Wow your friends, be the envy of your work colleugues and indulge in this serious size MASSIVE 1KG Chocolate Bar.

These Huge Bar Consisits of 10 Huge Pieces of the finest Belgium Chocolate

Question is would you share it ??

Domea Favour uses the Finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate, used by master chocolate makers and pastry chefs the world over. It is made from sustainably grown cocoa beans. We use Dark, Milk, White and strawberry pink Chocolate.

We use edible colours and lustre dusts that are used all over the world for food use, safe to eat and especially designed to use with chocolate.

The edible pearls we use on our chocolates are completely edible and safe to eat. The edible pearls may contain traces of nuts, wheat, fish and gluten.

Chocolates must be kept a room temperature of 15.c – 18.c. Please don’t store chocolates in the refrigerator, as this will cause the chocolate to develop a bloom. Bloomed chocolate is still safe to eat.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Chocolate Flavour

Dark, Gold, Milk, Ruby, Vegan, White


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